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Waterdichte Behuizing iPhone 6, 7, 8 Plus 5.5"

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UltimateAddons Waterproof Tough Mount Case for iPhone 6, 6S, 7 en 8 QF-5984
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Waterdichte behuizing geschikt voor de iPhone 6, 6S, 7 en 8 voor type Plus 5.5

Met ruimte voor laadsnoer en connector!


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De Quick release buisklem is 360 graden draaibaar en met één druk op de knop is de behuizing te ontkoppelen, geschikt voor buisdiameters van 21mm t/m 30mm.

Buisklem met kogel

Nu van € 14,50 voor € 7,25

De Stuurklem met kogel

Voor diameter buis van +/- 19 t/m 35mm

Nu van € 14,- voor € 7,-

De universele riem bevestiging / Strap is ontworpen om op een ​​breed scala aan producten te passen.

Ideaal om snel tijdelijk te monteren en weer te verwijderen maar ook voor een stevige permanente montage is hij geschikt.

Ook geschikt voor niet ronde vormen, voor diameters van 21 tot 40mm.  


Nu van € 22,50 voor € 11,25

Stuurpen steun met kogelklem

Leverbaar in 4 diameters:

13,3 mm t/m 14,9 mm

15 mm t/m 17,4 mm

17,5 mm t/m 20,5 mm

20,5 mm t/m 24,5 mm


Nu van € 19,50 voor € 9,75

M6, M8 of M10 steun met kogelklem 

Wordt geleverd met 3 M8 bouten in de lengtes:

55mm, 60mm en 65 mm

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Voeding set voor Iphone 2A 

Voor directe aansluiting op Accu, Met zekering en aan en uit knop

Bestaande uit:

Lader/Voeding mobiel met Superseal (uitvoering accu aansluiting 2A)

Adapter voor uw Mobiel met Superseal (uitvoering lightning)

  Combi korting van € 32,50 voor € 30,-

Voeding set voor Iphone 2A 

Voor directe aansluiting op de dunne BMW Din stekker, Met zekering en aan en uit knop

Bestaande uit:

Lader/Voeding mobiel met Superseal (uitvoering Din aansluiting 2A)

Adapter voor uw Mobiel met Superseal (uitvoering lightning)

  Combi korting van € 51,- voor € 40,-

Voeding set USB Waterdicht voor Iphone 2A 

Bestaande uit:

Waterdichte USB Lader Voeding 2A

Cap met nylon lead


Adapter voor uw mobiel type Lightning



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Ultimateaddons Tough Waterproof Mount IPX5 Case designed for the Apple iPhone 7 has 2 sizes, for 4.7" and 5.5" Plus. Keep your iPhone safe, protected and dust free while using it outdoors. Our aim is for you to mount your case to our wide range of attachments, thanks to the Ultimateaddons® 3 prong connection system on the back.

Manufactured made with hard durable plastic, our case has customised rubber waterproof insert with cut outs for most major phone functions. The case supports the power button, volume controls and access to the charging and headphone socket, with waterproof covers while not in use.

With support for the camera, perfect for taking photo's or videos while the phone is protected in it's case. The case locks with 2 super strong easy accessible clips and 3 new pressure clips this gives the case a water-tight seal around the Apple iPhone 7.


Tough Outdoor Design

esigned to help protect your iPhone 7 from everyday outdoor use in a wide variety of weather conditions, this case has been rated to waterproof rating IPX5 and offers protection from dust and dirt. The case has a strong hard polycarbonate outer shell offering protection from impacts and scratches. Inside the case there is a bespoke moulded silicone insert that offers impact / shock protection while offering access to both the volume controls and power button, along with fingerprint recognition throught the screen. From construction sites to rock climbing, this case can be used anywhere.


Access to iPhone Functions

The Ultimateaddons® tough case gives you access to most of the iPhone 7 functions while helping to protect it in the case. The touch screen can be operated through the clear touch screen panel, some lighter gloves will work with the case. Access to both power button and volume controls via silicone pressure buttons. Front and rear camera access (no flash to be used). There is also headphone jack and power / sync cable access.

Touch ID recognition is now supported with this case.


3 Prong Vehicle Mounting Connection System

The iPhone 7 is ideal for Sat Nav both on and off road, take advantage of this with our Tough Case. This case has been designed with the Ultimateaddons® 3 prong connection system on the back to allow you to easily mount to a wide range of vehicles. The 3 prong mounting system is very easy to use, simply line up the 3 prongs on the back of the case with a 3 prong mounting attachment and slide down to connect and lock. Ultimateaddons® offer a wide range of 3 prong mounting attachments which will allow you to mount your iPhone onto your bicycle, golf trolley, motorcycle, scooter and various, visit our attachment section for more information on what's available.


External Power Management

Unlike many other cases on the market the Ultimateaddons® tough case for the iPhone offers the ability to power the iPhone while it is protected within case. Powering the Smartphone while in the case is crucial if you plan on using Satellite Navigation while mounted to a vehicle. The battery of the iPhone will drain quickly if you are using GPS, full screen brightness and linking to a Bluetooth headset. The case is designed specifically for use with an Ultimateaddons® accessory power cable. The case closes and creates a seal around the cable, due to various thickness's and sizes of cables, we cannot support 3rd party cables being used within the case.



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